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3 EASY Steps to build your own website

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

I was once having difficulty to have my own website. I understand that getting a freelancer or a company to do a website for you is not that easy. It will take a lots of time, even if the website completed and we are happy with it, any future changes and content update will also takes some cost and time.

In finding the easiest solution, I found the best web builder, Wix. It is surprisingly so simple and very easy to use. I have already make few website with Wix and so far, with no technical background I am able to create an outstanding website with professional look...!! SERIOUSLY...!! I am so happy using it and here in this post, I am more than happy to guide you to make your own website using Wix with 3 simple steps.


First thing first... Go to this link and sign up for FREE registration, so that you can enjoy the benefit to explore hundreds of templates they provide and create your website. The link will get you to this page.

Click Start Now.

Choose Sign-up

Fill up the details

Fill up few particular for template recommendation or you can choose SKIP

Click See Recommendation



Choose the best template that suit you or your business & edit the content, photo, and information.

They will give 2 options, i suggest you to click on the Right Side, choose a template, as it will give you more freedom to edit and to explore templates

Pick a template, from hundreds of them with numbers of categories. And you can click at any of the template to view it in the website mode.

you can choose to view in real website mode or to edit them directly.

You can view the video explanation provided.

I would suggest you to explore and edit the template, get yourself familiar with the tools, don't worry of making any mistake as it can be undo and redo. You have the freedom to change or add the graphic, words, video and others.

You can also add new pages to your website. It is very easy to add pages on your website

Numbers of elements you can add into your website.

You can choose to save, preview at any time, and it has the auto save function to safe your works

The best thing is that it will automatically generate the mobile website for you. You can have a realy look of your website on mobile phone view. Choose the mobile phone icon to view or edit your mobile website.

It will give you the mobile website view and you can edit it from there as well. It will follow the main content on your website.



Click Publish to Publish your website. You can edit again if you need to, save and republish again time to time. It will be immediately published to the internet.

Walaa... your FREE version website is ready and on the internet. Please take note that the FREE version Website will use the given website address and it will have wix information on the website. If you wish try to build your own website just go to this link

And if you wish, you can connect to your own branded domain from Wix, you can choose upgrade to Premium Products immediately with few simple step and easy process. From as low as $4.50/month (USD).

Thank you for spending your time with my writing. Hopefully this guideline will help you to build your own website and will benefit you in some way. Let me know if you manage to create your website and give me your website address too. Wish you all the best.

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