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FREE Ebook: Rubics Cube Solution

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I am just like you...

Rubics Cube is a common widget that we always play with. But for over 30 years i never solve it until I follow this guideline. You can never imagine my feeling of solving it for the first time..!!! I smiled for the whole day..!! and i felt so excited for the whole week...!!

You too can easily solve the Rubiks Cube..!!! If you never EVER able to solve it, then look no more, this is the best easy 7 steps guideline for you to solve it. Before I start with anything below is the FREE version link for you to download.

It's ok if you don't want to read the whole posting and just want to download the FREE version of solving Rubics Cube. Try it out first to feel the easiness of solving it. Then if you feel that the eBook can help you, then you can decide to download the full version.

Please take note that the FREE version will help to guide you to solve up to 2 stages only. You can continue to read or download the Full Version for only 1.99. (Download NOW before I remove this posting from my blog)

If you never ever solve Rubix Cube, Don't Worry

Here I share 2 links for you to download the Ebook. 1st is the Free version, you will be given the introduction & the basic movement of Rubics Cube and you will be able to solve up to 2nd Stage of 3x3 Rubics Cube, (read along and the FREE version link will be given at the bottom of this post). The full version Ebook is the complete ultimate solution and you can get it for the price of only USD 1.99.

Solving Rubiks Cube is NOT difficult.

Difficult is just a state of mind, but we all understand, if you don't know how and keep twisting and turning the Rubic's cube without any guideline, you will end up with disappointment. STOP being disappointed, download it and do, if you have doubt you can download the FREE Version pdf eBook at the bottom of this post, try that out first, you will find it very easy. If you never ever solve Rubics Cube in your entire life, please give yourself a try to solve part of it using the FREE version Guideline. Or you can just download the full version for only USD 1.99 and solve it for once in your entire life.

You don't have to be a genius

Seriously... The truth is, for 3x3 Rubic's cube you don't really have to be a genius to solve it. Unless you can solve it with your eyes closed. But for people like you and me, through continuous practice you will be able to solve it your self. Later you can impress your family of your friends with your skill. Let it be something for people to remember about you.

Easy step by step guideline

In the eBook we provide ease step by step guidelines to solver Rubic's Cube. Full of graphic that can easily be understood either by children of by adult. Let this be the beginning of your path in solving Rubic's cube. Download the full version or, test first 2 steps for you try out.

Full Graphic explanation

We don't provide a very lengthy explanation in our eBook. The guidelines is 80% in graphic. Very easy to follow. You can just ignore the explanation and just follow the graphic guideline accordingly. This is the best Rubic's Cube solver guidelines. Very easy for you to follow. We encourage you to download the 1st two step guideline for FREE to try out.

Graphic explanation

Master it in a very short time

As the eBook is very easy to follow, you can master if you practice it continuously. Follow the guideline and you will be able to solve it in JUST A DAY. YESS... in JUST A DAY.. your whole life curiosity can be answered in just one day. Give yourself a try. With enough practice you will be able to solve it without the helps of the eBook anymore. We hope you can at least try the FREE 2 step guideline and then download it. hopefully it will benefit yourself in some way. Download FULL VERSION NOW for only USD1.99 as I may remove this post later.

Thank you and all the best to you.

Owh... as i promise THE FREE version of the eBook, here's the link. ​

(*please check your download folder after download)

Thank you and All The BEST...

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Sep 24, 2023

Paid, but how to get a link to full version.


yaron elal
yaron elal
Oct 20, 2022

I pay you but it is not let me download the full version

Lori Mowery
Lori Mowery
Nov 30, 2022
Replying to

What if u didn't put in an email

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