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12 Reasons WHY this web builder is the easiest way to build a website

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

There are few request for me to teach people to do their own website, I have shared the easiest steps for them to do that here usin Wix. It can be done in only 3 simple steps and it can be publish almost immediately. Just get ready with your own content you and are ready to go and it is FREE!!... But if you want to connect to your own domain, you have option to upgrade it to a premium package.

Below are the example of my own website. Without any technical background and without any design knowledge i was able to build quite a good website with a professional look. 1. Hi Pro Ventures

I am using Wix to do the website, and so far it is the easiest. Here is the link and you can do FREE registration. And go here if you want to see the tutorial to setup your website using Wix in 3 simple steps

Here are the 12 reasons why using Wix Web builder is so recommended

  1. It is the easiest platform do website for non programmer, non-designer like me

  2. It has a lots of professional and beautiful template to choose from

  3. All the templates have their own suitable categories according to your business, whether you are blogger, business owner, online store, photographer, Fashion business and so many others

  4. You can re-do again, change to other design, adjust or modify the template as much and as what ever way you want as easy as A,B,C

  5. The website editor will automatically design in mobile web view, without any hassle and yet if you want you still can re-arrange and design it as what you want without any problems

  6. You can try for free for how many website that you want. Once you are satisfied then you can decide to upgrade it to premium and connect to your own domain.

  7. Using drag & drop features. Make it Super easy to re-arrange & re-design

  8. There are a lots of other functions like form, automation, social media link, videos, online cart, payment setting and so many others.

  9. It even have simple photo editing features for you to use.

  10. Super fast to complete your website, only took hours or even less to get your website up and running like professional.

  11. It is totally FREE website if you are ok to use the given website address from wix. And even if you decide to upgrade to premium, the price is totally still very cheap looking at all the features provided

  12. Any changes on the published website can be change & modified easily by yourself on the spot, and can be republish back immediately.

Frankly, for me this is the best website builder that i have ever experience. Therefore i really recommend you especially those who has no technical background to do website to try Wix. It will help you to have your own professional website easily and fast. i wish you all the best.

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